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Welcome to our online home. We invite you to explore our shows and performances, learn more about us, and immerse yourself in the magic of theatre.

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Welcome to our theatre. We offer a wide range of shows and performances that cater to all audiences. Our mission is to provide a unique and unforgettable theatre experience to our patrons.

Our focus is on our audience – we strive to provide them with the best theatre experience possible.

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Tony Fred, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Tony is the driving force behind the company's transformation into a theatre. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the shows, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Jane Lee, General Manager

As a theatre enthusiast, Mich has been instrumental in transforming the company's business into a theatre. With his vast experience as a Commercial Director in the entertainment industry, Mich has helped the company to become a leading theatre. Mich is among the best minds in the theatre industry.

John Smith, Artistic Director

John is a visionary leader with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. He works closely with our talented cast and crew to bring our productions to life.

Iris Joe, CFO

Iris, with her international experience, helps us easily understand the financial aspects of the theatre industry and improves them. She is determined to drive success and delivers her professional acumen to bring the company to the next level.